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Open Letters

A Brief Note From our Founder:

I'm thrilled to introduce our new Open Letters section! This platform will spark conversations on crucial topics like environmental protection, climate change, and the shift to a circular economy. I envision this section becoming a repository of passionate, well-researched, and impactful letters. These letters won't just advocate for sustainable practices, policy changes, and corporate responsibility. They will be carefully crafted or curated to ignite action, stimulate deep contemplation, and drive significant transformation toward a more sustainable future. 

I invite you to join me on this exciting journey as we explore these open letters, engage in meaningful conversations, and share our thoughts and ideas. 

I hope that this section further inspires global youth change makers to come together to create a powerful movement that champions the health of our beautiful planet and ensures a bright future for generations to come by pursuing a transition to a circular economy. 

Aaryan Doshi




Subject: Advocating for Increased High School Internship Opportunities at the EPA

Dear Environmental Protection Agency,

With summer approaching, high school juniors and seniors, including myself, are actively searching for internship possibilities. As a passionate advocate for the environment, I was taken aback by the scarcity of student trainee possibilities on the EPA job page. Therefore, I am contacting you with the conviction that prioritizing the investment in our young generation is crucial for the future of environmental conservation. As a proponent of education and environmental sustainability, I am contacting you to express my genuine desire for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to broaden its high school internship programs.

In the current dynamic era, the environmental difficulties necessitate inventive solutions and novel viewpoints. Providing high school kids with direct involvement with the EPA may both foster their enthusiasm for environmental preservation and equip them with vital abilities and perspectives that will influence their future pursuits.

There are multiple convincing justifications for my strong recommendation that the EPA give priority to and improve its high school internship programs. Internships at the EPA during high school provide a distinctive opportunity for me and my peers to apply theoretical knowledge gained in the classroom to practical situations in the real world. Through active participation in practical initiatives and working closely with experienced experts, interns have the opportunity to enhance their comprehension of environmental research, policy, and activism. Moreover, via the exposure to the EPA's crucial endeavors, internship programs have the potential to spark a lifelong dedication to environmental advocacy and public service. These experiences can act as catalysts for nurturing the future generation of environmental leaders who will address the urgent concerns of the future. These internships provide the EPA with an opportunity to enhance its connections with local communities. By participating in outreach campaigns and collaborative projects, high school interns can make a meaningful contribution to environmental programs that are specifically designed to address the unique needs of their communities. This involvement helps to cultivate a feeling of responsibility and care for the environment. In my opinion, these programs are mutually advantageous as they offer students excellent chances for professional growth while also bringing new perspectives, innovative ideas, and a reinvigorated sense of purpose to the EPA.

Considering these persuasive justifications, I kindly implore the EPA to enhance its high school internship options by implementing well-organized programs, mentorship initiatives, and outreach endeavors to schools across the country. By allocating resources towards the development and empowerment of young individuals at present, we are making a strategic investment that will yield a more promising and enduring future for future generations.

Thank you for considering this proposal. I maintain an optimistic outlook that, collectively, we can motivate and enable the future environmental pioneers.

With Hope,
Aaryan Doshi

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