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Climate Protest


How can we feasibly achieve sustainability? What is the circular economy? These questions and more are answered in our three-part online course series, as well as our book. 

Stay Tuned! An Updated Version of Our Curriculum is Coming Soon.

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This course delves into the choices we as a society made that led us to the climate catastrophe we are facing now. It is both a reflection and a much-needed warning that should shape the deliberate choices we make in the future.


So how can we build a more sustainable world, with lofty yet achievable goals? Through green phenomenon known as the circular economy. 

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How do we incentivize a transition to a more sustainable economy? One way is by using financial technologies such as blockchain. Learn more about this & how large corporations can play a significant role in mitigating climate damage.

Our Founder's Book

Designing on the Brink: Products for a Climate in Crisis reflects CirFin's core mission: how can we incentivize and feasibly achieve the sustainability goals that we set? Our book is a primary form of curriculum that hones in even further on the points covered in our curriculum. 

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