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  • Aaryan Doshi

Climate Change: Navigating the Certainty of Uncertainty

Climate Change: Navigating the Certainty of Uncertainty image: adobe firefly

Let’s accept it! The change in climate is inevitable. However, if nations all over the world collaborate their efforts to counteract climate change, then a catastrophic climate breakdown is not inevitable. Let's work together and collaborate to protect our planet!

Adopting renewable energy is key to cutting down on carbon dioxide emissions. Switching to cleaner energy sources is another great option. Germany and other European nations have made significant investments in wind and solar energy, and in the last few years, the majority of newly installed energy capacity worldwide has come from renewable sources.

Electric vehicles help make the transportation industry more sustainable, which in turn reduces carbon dioxide emissions. Every significant American automaker has stated unequivocally that they plan to eventually transition to electric cars. China alone sold more electric cars in Asia during the last year than the entire globe.

Global accords aim to coordinate state-level efforts in the battle against climate change. The Paris Agreement's ratification by more than 190 countries represents a global commitment to reducing emissions and enacting climate action.

It will be easier to adapt and cope if infrastructure like shelter services, sea walls, toolkits, and water management is built before or in anticipation of a climate change catastrophe. The current administration in the United States just dropped some major news! They have unveiled a groundbreaking framework for climate-resilient infrastructure.​

These examples illustrate that human activities, policies, and decisions have a considerable impact on reducing the severity of climate change and that climate breakdown is not inevitable.


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