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  • Aaryan Doshi

Jacket Around the World in 80 Days: Part 2

Jacket Around the World in 80 Days: Part 2 image: adobe firefly

My journey continues. I have been offloaded from the ship and am on this truck on my way to California. We are practically crossing the breadth of the North American continent - from the coast of the Atlantic to the coast of the Pacific. 

After being taken to a warehouse, I am offloaded again, and finally, I am in this beautiful mall in the Bay Area - the Valley Fair Mall - just in time for the holiday season. As a "Jacket," I am hung on a beautiful hanger on a rack. I am the first "Jacket" - you cannot miss me. I am so excited - from the garment factory in Asia to a mall in North America - that I have had an incredible and exciting journey. I am ready! Finally, to be worn by someone - the entire trip has taken six weeks!

My excitement is tinged with anxiety. Christmas has come and gone, and I find myself in a large bucket or tub, unsure of what to call it. My value has been halved. The beautiful embroidery on my pocket is buried under a pile of clothes. They call it the 'post-Christmas' sale, a term that signifies a decrease in my worth. But I don't mind, as long as I'm being worn, I feel useful. It's a bittersweet realization.

My worst fears are realized. The racks at the mall are being cleared for the Spring season. The 'tub' is sealed, and we're packed into bags. This time, we're taken to the Port of Oakland, another major port on the West Coast. The journey is a stark contrast to my previous one, filled with excitement and anticipation. I can't help but feel a sense of disappointment as I'm packed away, ready for another journey.

This ship takes me next to the majestic Rockies on the Pacific Ocean. I am excited. I may find a new home in South America. We are offloaded in Puerto Valparaiso in Chile - a journey of more than six thousand three hundred nautical miles and twenty days. But instead of ending up in a mall, I am put in a truck and dumped in the Atacama desert!


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