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  • Aaryan Doshi

Jacket Around the World in 80 Days: Part 1

Jacket Around the World in 80 Days: Part 1 image: adobe firefly

Hello, whoever you are and wherever you are! Let me share my story with you. I am “The Jacket” - in pristine and pure condition. Perfectly wearable! But currently, I am suffocating in this massive, vast desert in South America - the Atacama Desert in Chile. I am buried under mountains and mountains of clothes. I am in perfect shape!  But no one wants me. This is so distressing. How did I end up here? 

My story begins in Chittagong, Bangladesh. I was made in a garment factory on the streets of warm, humid, vibrant Chittagong. That design you see on my chest? It was hand-woven and lovingly knitted by “Khala.”  It took her a day to put that embroidery on me. I was now ready to be shipped, packed in a box, and put in a massive container on a huge cargo ship sailing off the port of Chittagong.

I still remember - I was so excited. Our destination then was the Port of New York and New Jersey. Our journey went like this. We sailed hugging the Indian peninsula, from the Bay of Bengal adjacent to the lush green Eastern Ghats to the Indian Ocean and then merging into the Arabian Ocean straddling between the majestic continents of Asia and Africa adjacent to the rocky Western Ghats of India. 

Thankfully, the Suez Canal through the Red Sea was open, so we then sailed through the narrow corridor into the Mediterranean Sea between Europe and Africa. Finally, we were in the grand expanse of the Atlantic Sea on our way to be greeted by the “Lady on the Pedestal”. When my container was finally offloaded, I had been on the sea for more than ten days and traveled over ten thousand nautical miles across four continents.


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